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Full Moon In Libra Writing Prompts

Dearest Woman,

I invite you between now and Wednesday evening to find some time to answer the following questions and sit with what arises.

1. What is your current state of mind?

Are you feeling positive and hopeful. Negative, fearful and in need of protection? Or are you neutral, feeling balanced, observing events? Be honest…There is no judgement…no right and no wrong.

2. How are you behaving in your close (isolation family) relationships?

Are you super upbeat, keeping everyone busy with activities and entertainment? Are you obsessed with cleanliness, of your home and your family..everyone must wash their hands before touching the jigsaw puzzle. Or are you observing the ongoing in your home with an open heart and mind…sometimes it is a bit crazy, but it too shall pass.

3. How is your mind reacting to slowing down, working from home, having no work? Within your unique circumstance how is your mind behaving?

Are you working around the clock coming up with new ideas, avenues, offerings? Are you trying to do anything to cling onto your job your clients, or finding out everything about what is available for you to claim? or Are you praying? Are you offering? Are you trusting? Do you know you will be ok.

4. What do you need to let go of to come to a place of balance in all areas of your life?

This is it right now. Trust that you will be guided to see where in your life things can fall away. Trust it! Trust it.

This Libra Full Moon is so important for us right now. She is the beacon of balance. She will illuminate wherever we are not in balance. She may do this subtly or it may be like a sledgehammer! She represents our relationships. The truth is all of our life is relational. Whether our lover, partner, parent, friend or child….every single minute of every single day is a dance of how we are relating to another. And if you feel you are in isolation on your own with no one to be in relationship with think again…because here is the most powerful work. Self with Self.

There are other important aspects at play this Full Moon for sure. But my money is here. With this. With the raw pretty sticky area of how we are reacting with others right now and probably more importantly how our self chat is going.

So much of what I have read over the past few weeks has been telling me how to find my ‘New’ place in this ‘New’ world. How to get my business online. How to sell my courses virtually. How to achieve, strive succeed in the ‘New’ World. And everything in my own body is repelling this. If this 4 year has taught me anything thus far it is to practice discernment in everything I do. To feel how it feels in my body. To actually, properly check in with my soul, my higher self, my guides. And to listen!

Beautiful Women. It is no mistake that we are here. Wow if I sit for too long in contemplation as to how we got here I can fully see how I have single handedly manifested it. Can’t you? How many of us wanted more time, more space, a quieter life, less work, more play, to be able to home school (I know at some point you have thought it!). This “New” is here. I know we would have never asked or called in the suffering, the pain, the desperation. But then how neutral were our prayers? And privilege affords me the space to contemplate as I do. I deeply acknowledge all those not in a position to do so.

Before Wednesday evening please sit with all of this. Write on it. Share it with a friend if that feels safe.

On Wednesday evening I will be holding a Free Full Moon Healing Circle. You are absolutely invited. If You would like to join me please message me or jump on to my Facebook Group - Energy Healing In Evolutionary Times.

When we come together please have with you your crystals. Your own deck of oracle cards. If you have completed your Reiki and you need them please have your symbols with you. Mostly just simply have a candle.

I cannot wait to sit with you. We will meditate. Pray and offer healing. We will find balance together.

Wednesday 8th April 8pm I will send a zoom link ❤️

My heart is your heart Sam x

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