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Sam Lindsay-German, The Calm Room, Samfo


Your personal haven of peace and stillness.

Created to support you wherever you need it most by providing quietness, stillness and Reiki Touch and Subtle Body Healing 

A deep rest energy healing session can benefit anyone who wants to transform their life and feel better.

If you currently find yourself... 

​   Feeling stuck or lost

   Not feeling like yourself

   Not living the life you want

   Suffering with ailments or anxiety

​   Feeling completely exhausted and depleted.

If you are tired of feeling this way, then visiting for a healing session may help you.

Lots of people find us at The Calm Room during times of stress, grief and upset or when conventional medicine* isn’t quite enough.

These sessions are also wonderful for Pre and Post Natal Mama's looking for rest and support.

Sessions are built around silence, stillness, comfort and healing touch.

How does it work?

Deep Rest sessions include Reiki and Subtle body energy healing.

During our session I will sense any energetic blocks and work in conjunction with your bodies healing intelligence to clear it from your body.

When we feel well, energy flows easily throughout our bodies, we hold a higher vibration and feel a sense of  balance and happiness.  However when stress, worry, anxiety begin to take over they can start to cause energy blocks within our bodies. These blocks lead to syrmtoms like exhaustion, overwhelm, fuzzy head, inflammation.


Deep Rest sessions can alter the dis- ease in the body. By bringing your body back into balance the blockages gently clear, the body’s natural energy flow is restored and your vitality is restored. 


The sessions are a unique combination of many healing tools.


Each session will be tailor made to suit your individual needs.  

What should I expect?


If it feels right we will begin with a chat to find out what you feel you need.

Throughout the healing session, you will be lying down fully clothed supported with cushions and blankets, you may have your eyes closed if that feels right with an eye pillow to help to help you relax completely.

I will work with a range of different techniques which will involve some touch, non-touch and sound vibrations and meditations. Sessions can include gentle Marma Point Massage and deeply relaxing Indian Head Massage. 

Whether on Zoom or in person, the session and experience will work in a similar way.


I truly believe it is  time to stop the frantic searching. To stop trying to ‘achieve’ healing.

To turn the gaze from that which you believe you desire to be, to understanding

who you truly are.


“Deep Rest” by Sam Lindsay-German is your gateway to a slower, gentler and more easeful way of being.

Sessions are

  • $120 for 90 mins

  • $180 for 2 hours 


Post natal sessions can also include the closing of the bones ceremony. Home visits are available for post natal clients.

Any enquiries please message or call me 0427 288 344

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