A space for women created to support you wherever you need it most by providing quietness, stillness and Reiki Touch and subtle body healing 

Deep Rest sessions are especially for women and have been created to provide you with support during challenging times, during illness, or just during life. These sessions are also wonderful Pre and Post Natally.

A session built around silence, stillness, comfort and healing touch.

These sessions are a unique combination of many healing tools.  Each session will be tailor made to suit the participants needs.  

It is time to stop the frantic searching. To stop trying to ‘achieve’ healing.

To turn the gaze from that which you believe you desire to be, to understanding

who you truly are.


“Deep Rest” by Sam Lindsay-German is your gateway to a slower, gentler and more easeful way of being.

Sessions are 60 or 90 mins and can be Subtle Body Healing, Reiki only or

combined with Lomi Lomi massage.


Post natal sessions can also include the closing of the bones ceremony which can be very powerful practiced one on one.

To book please message or call me 0427 288 344