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Sam Lindsay-German, The Calm Room, Samfo

Monthly Group
"Deep Rest"
Restorative Retreats

Restorative Yoga, Reiki Energy Healing
& Marma Point Massage

“The outside world is loud and demanding so the first step in honing our powers is learning to deal effectively with sensory overload. We have to identify and manage the things that jam our inner guidance system. And that involves turning down the volume on the outside world so we can hear what's going on inside.”

- Anita Moorjani

Join me for a Monthly opportunity to turn down the external noise and enter the vastness of your own stillness.

During the retreat you will be guided into deeply restorative postures with the use of props, blankets, pillows and heat packs.

Once totally comfortable you will rest.

As you rest I will attend to you applying marma point massage, Indian head massage, foot massage and holding you in a healing Reiki energy.

The room is warm, peaceful, comfortable and safe.

You will stay in each posture for around 10-15mins.

You may find you drift off several times entering a deep theta state of healing.

The Retreat is held in my beautiful home studio in idyllic Samford Valley.

From the moment you arrive you will experience a sense of calm.

The small intimate group size allows each person to experience a sense of being nurturing and feeling cared for.

The retreat lasts 3 hours and begins and 10am. Allowing enough time for you to ease fully arrive.

For 21/2 delicious hours you will rest, restore and receive healing.

We will then complete our time together with my signature ritual of Tea and Tarot.

Spaces for each retreat are limited to 6 women.


Coming Soon please email to enquire

The Cost of the retreat is $90

Bookings can be made by emailing or messaging me.

Online booking will be available soon.


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