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Sometimes we need the support of another woman. We need the opportunity to talk through our problems and challenges. To be able to share our loss and our grief.  To be seen and be heard.  Sometimes we need someone who can hold space for us to journey to the unknown corners of our thoughts.

These counselling sessions provide you with a safe space to speak openly and freely with out fear of judgement. To develop a relationship built on trust that will support you unconditionally.

During the sessions Sam will draw on the tools she has learnt over years of study.

Deep listening
The Art of Offering
Lost Soul Retrieval
Family Constellations
The work of Byron Katy
EFT Tapping
Pain management strategies
Mindfulness and Mediation 
Addiction Support
Non Violent Communication
Stress Management tools
Authentic Relationship tools
Conscious Parenting 

This is a space for you to come and find your own answers lovingly guided

in a deeply supportive and comforting environment.


Initial session is 2 hours for $180


Follow up sessions are 60 - 90 mins starting at $90

Counselling can also be combine with Reiki and can be used as part of the “Deep Rest” Package.

Any enquiries please message or call me 0427 288 344

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