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Deep Rest And Reiki. A morning of self Care.

One of the most profound awakenings I had was during a Restorative Yoga teacher training i took. I had already been teaching restorative yoga and holding regular Yin Rest Classes but hadn't, if I was honest, actually participated in a full class myself. I wasn't sure I would enjoy "resting" in a yoga pose. I thought I would get bored...which is a personal trait I have been exploring. Anyway during this truly amazing course we were invited to experience the postures. In each one we were asked to be aware of any discomfort, any strain, any sensations that distracted us from quietness. We adjusted or were adjusted using props and blankets into a position within the posture that allowed total relaxation to occur. From here we stayed for at least ten but mostly fifteen to twenty minutes. The process into true relaxation and deep letting go was profound. The sense of rest, of calm, or healing created a shift in my mindset that altered the way I felt about resting and the way I held space for others to do the same.

My Deep Rest and Reiki, Restorative Yoga Retreats are a way for you to experience the same. This is a morning of profound self care.

The Retreat is held in my beautiful boutique studio tucked away in idyllic Samford Village. From the moment you arrive you will experience a sense of calm. Small intimate group size allows each person to experience a sense of being nurturing and cared for.

The retreat lasts 2 1/2 hours and begins and 10am. Allowing enough time for you to ease fully arrive. For 2 whole delicious hours I will gently guide you through a series of deeply nourishing restorative postures. Each attendee will receive a Head Massage and Reiki Healing. We will close our time together with my signature ritual of Tea and Tarot.

A Deep Rest and Reiki, Restorative retreat is suitable for every body of all levels of fitness and flexibility. You do not need to have a current yoga practice.

Benefits of restorative yoga include:

  • Heals and restores the body form the inside out.

  • Helps to quieten the mind and cultivates self awareness.

  • Calms and soothes the nervous system.

  • Releases stress and muscular tension.

  • Revitalises the organs, supports gentle detoxification and replenishes energy levels.

Benefits of receiving Reiki Healing include:

  • Can relieve pain, anxiety and fatigue.

  • Can relieve depression.

  • Enhances quality of life.

  • Boosts mood and a sense of well being.

  • May improve symptoms and conditions of headaches, tension, insomnia and inflammation.

My next retreat will be held on Friday 18th June. Place is limited to 6 Women and the cost is $90.

If you would like to gift yourself this special time please email me or call me on 0427288344.

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